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Review of Fate/Extella

Fate/Extella Velber Box
ByVote: 5onetrueemiya on 2020-10-15
ReviewI used to like Nero. Then this abomination of a game came out.

Extella is not just a garbage cashgrab. It goes beyond that to almost FGO levels of spitting on the original Extra games. Gone are the engaging characters from CCC and replaced with cardboard cutout personalities and memes. Liz was delegated to being the joke plot device chara, Tamamo had her character development in CCC (and Extra) ignored, redman literally irrelevant. There's not much of a story, and when there is one it's fragmented and not really engaging.

You'd think in a game featuring new girl Altera she'd be front and centre, but instead we got more umu. Too much umu. Saberfaces sell but isn't this a bit too much, Nasu?

The gameplay? Typical musou but worse. Who thought Plants were a good idea?

I miss CCC Liz.