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Review of Fortissimo EXS//Akkord:Nachsten Phase

SubjectFortissimo EXS//Akkord:Nachsten Phase
Fortissimo EXS//Akkord:Nachsten Phase (Bundled with Nendoroid Petit Satomura Momiji)
ByVote: 7.5onetrueemiya on 2020-10-15
ReviewVNDB asks me to be objective. Objectively this is a badly written, badly planned game relying 100% on asspulls from start to finish. Did I enjoy the ride though? Oh hell yes.

What you get from Fortissimo is what it advertises itself as. It's fully voiced chuunige with a battle royale to the death, and packs some quality art, SE and BGM for its time. It even has an RPG-style stats page with explanations about their powers! Coupled with a solid core cast and best girl Momiji hard carrying some of that SoL, and you've got a very fun game fully focused on being fun. Side routes are fanfic tier though; average writing quality drops off a cliff.

So turn that noggin off and stop thinking about how and why things work. It's all about my boy Reiji screaming himself hoarse.

D A C A P O !


#1 by diabloryuzaki
2020-10-15 at 14:37
< report >wait, so which part that make it bad? "badly written" itself is too vague to explain somethings
#2 by onetrueemiya
2020-10-16 at 06:28
< report >Apologies for being vague, the mini-review system only allows me that much space.

Dialogue is often extremely repetitive (take a shot how many times Reiji says 覚悟 and 決意), choreography in battle scenes can be very questionable at times (Curtain Call is so cool but what on earth did that serve, also everything Jin is in), characters are literally introduced and then immediately defeated in that arc, making it far too predictable, the whole ending really, sakura (だよ), miki's very existence, (warning: heavy spoiler)killing the protagonist reiji offscreen in sayuki route - though this one is very much debatable as it's one of the most memorable ballsy moves I've ever seen in a story, let alone a chuunige, the side routes in general etc etc

Also, I know it's far from Deep One levels of copying, but there are a few things that kind of make me go "well I know where I've seen this before", especially when it comes to Jin and Nagisa. Doesn't really impact my enjoyment of the work of course, but it is noticeable.

Still, I'd like to point out despite all this, I genuinely don't mind the bad writing (except maybe the ending). If anything, it's pretty charming once I got stuck in and embraced the chuuni. For example, to this date I still absolutely love that one fight in Sayuki route where she teams up with Momiji to just smack Odin up the face that had no right to be as badass as it was.Last modified on 2020-10-16 at 06:38
#3 by diabloryuzaki
2020-10-16 at 14:09
< report >repetitive dialogue is normal in a story with battle scene as major element not only that it is more right to said that it is a common things. the reason for doing it is to make a trend in community and if it become a trend then it will take attention of course it should be not a half ass repetitive dialogue that will kill the story. the example is

1. kamijou touma words from to aru majutsu
2. akatsuki koujo & yukina words from strike the blood
3. reiji words from fortissimo

this kind of repetitive dialogue still "acceptable" and "possible to bare to listen" but what if it is not "repetitive dialogue" but "repetitive information dump"? the answer is try to read sakura no moyu, this vn repetitive information dump is not half ass but hard to ignored so some readers even should forced to read it and remember it for later revealing fact in the story, if they forget it then there is high possibility they can't understand why the things happen later so trust me sometime repetitive dialogue is not bad things but sometime it can be bad. you can feel lucky if you are only meet "repetitive dialogue" and "repetitive information dump", imagine what if you meet "repetitive event" like in da capo 4 and dal segno, trust me it is the worst "repetitive event" that i ever experience even in moege category moreover if you realize that "repetitive event" didn't have any interesting development like reveal surprising fact for example

what did you mean by "choreography in battle scenes can be very questionable at times"? did you mean battle scene where the character said loud the name of their skill or attack? if so well it not too questionable i think because it is important for battle centered vn though some vn didn't need it, in this case it is important because well it is needed, just see this vn tag, it have "Infinite Spontaneous Power-ups" tag right? that "spontaneous" part is make battle centered vn become amazing because it will not ended so simply like cheap battle shounen manga moreover when it have "Infinite" before it