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Review of SWAN SONG

Swan Song
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gruglas on 2023-09-17
ReviewSwan Song tackles something most stories are afraid to, the true reality of human nature. I was enthralled with one of the protagonists, Takuma and how realistic his fall to human nature was. Many stories will try to be positive or uplifting, but not Swan Song and that is one of its greatest strengths. It’s cruel and unrelentingly set on telling the profound truth instead of sugarcoating it with lies from our corporate overlords. Swan Song’s final message is that; no long how right you think you are, the world will be against you.

“They criticize me, but I’ve never heard a convincing opinion from them.. They’re puppets of their genes and instincts. Such stupid people can go ahead and kill eachother until the very last one dies.”

Humans are nothing but animals, slaves to their pleasure.
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#1 by peniseater
2023-09-17 at 23:39
< report >The world... is so beautiful.