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Review of Shigatsu Youka

SubjectShigatsu Youka
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Vote: 8.1
onorub on 2023-09-18
ReviewThis is most likely the biggest Sound Novel tribute you'll ever find. It takes storytelling aspects from 07th Expansion Sound Novels and gameplay aspects from Chunsoft Sound Novels and combines them in quite the amazing ways, with a fairly interesting mystery. Unfortunately while this took many positive aspects of 07th Expansion and Chunsoft, it also took negative aspects such as the pacing problems from When They Cry series and the way ending collecting on the way to 100% feels like a drag from Chunsoft, both of which get pretty bothersome in the second half of the VN. Overall, if you like 07th Expansion and Chunsoft i can't recommend this enough but if you are really bothered by slow pacing and VNs that take forever to 100% it's pretty hard to recommend. Borderline great for me.
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