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Review of Imouto Sei Gangu ~Lolita Shoujo ni Yaritai Houdai~

SubjectImouto Sei Gangu ~Lolita Shoujo ni Yaritai Houdai~
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SomeDude on 2023-09-18
ReviewMost Pumpkin games are pretty weak (with their only good trait being H-scene animation), and this is no exception. It's a loli nukige with no plot and only two worthwhile sex scenes. There were some scenes that I didn't unlock in my playthrough, but in achieving the pregnancy ending (which is the only ending worth achieving), there were only two proper vaginal intercourse scenes with nakadashi finish.

There are some scenes without nakadashi, and a lot of pointless not-sex H-scenes. Since most every H-scene in this VN lacks nakadashi, I didn't bother to unlock them all... it's weak, as far as I'm concerned, with no real plot to speak of. The only kind of H-scene that matters in a nukige is vaginal/anal intercourse with internal ejaculuation, which this mostly lacks.
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