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Review of Tick! Tack!

SubjectTick! Tack!
Tick! Tack! - Download Edition
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RiellMasamune on 2023-09-18
ReviewSo enough of this trash!

What a waste of time for a dating sim. You are given routes but you are only allowed to pursue or stay pure to one gal for the good endings bc choosing the other two will make MC transform to Rance and the other main male fu*cks the other girl.. how nice of them! Because these girl's are clearly in ichaicha mode with someone else, so what's the point of even making routes? This isn't sequel to Shuffle, its a badly written fandisc.

Nothing hits here, not the humor, not the characters, VA is incredibly barebones aswell. I'll let medieval UI functions slip because of the age of the work. Sim mechanic with limited days is hit and miss here and require a walktrough for playing blind.

And if glasses-kun screams one more time in main menu, ill strangle his *ss!
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