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Review of Uuultra C

SubjectUuultra C
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VwVneer on 2023-09-18
ReviewUuultra C review

Overall: pleasant
4th bl game played be me , 2nd game by Adelta , 1st one is hashihime ✨
Didn't know anything abt it , no Background info no nothing , i just assumed it might be similar to hashihime ...
Plot based game 😌 it was intriguing , exciting with a dash of mystery plus occasional funny situations
System : this game is described as a kinetic VN with no choices involved , also each Chapter is a single whole story on it's on . simply said it's abt heroes and monsters (Kaiju) .
Chapters : 3 , 1st two felt the same length , last one was shorter .
Romance :it was expressed differently depending on the characters , all forms were unique and admirable in a sense ❤️
Music: variety of tunes , liked them all 🎵 ending theme songs were an absolute bomb 😲
Art: simple and distinct 😩 🫶
Voice actors: They all did a great job 💐 i don't recognize specific names sadly , i specially liked the VA of Isshiki 🥰
Couples Ranking : Shirou & Isshiki > Shoutarou & Kozuka > Juuro & Yomi

i didn't dislike the last couple , it was just that they were given a somehow sad ending , it was totally logical , but still i wished for their happiness to be displayed as the other two couples .
their story was the most complicated of all , it was rough and tragic .
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