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Review of Soukou Akki Muramasa

SubjectSoukou Akki Muramasa
Soukou Akki Muramasa - Windows 10 Support Edition - Download Edition
ByVote: 10onetrueemiya on 2020-10-15

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ReviewI launch Hanachirasu. I take off my pants. I start the game, getting ready to unleash my fury. I read the text. It's hard not to skip till the main event. Here comes the fight. This is some goon moping some other goons. Not yet, this is not the main badass of the game, i can wait. Then after a couple of minutes, he comes. Yes, the shiny sword, the perfect technique. He crashes goons like nothing. I can't contain my raging boner. I twist my "sword", imitating Akane's "tsubame gaeshi" and at the same time training IAIdo motions. It feels good. My "sword" shoots. That was perfect. I guess that's it for the warmup.
I launch Muramasa. Time for the main dish.
Kageaki is having a duel. He faces his opponent mirroring her pose. Normally people would watch at the girl but that's not the case for me. I can see the ending! I know that she will lose. Her technique is inadequate. I can see it. Half an hour of description of this poor girl waiting to get cut and at last the fight ends. Of course, Kageaki is the best.
Then i hear this...
"Oni ni ou tewa oni o kiru...".
That phrase switches something in my mind, my dick getting even harder than last time. I can't stop. My sword gets even hotter than Masamune's one of the seven tricks- fire sword , nothing can stop my calory burn but it doesn't matter. Kageaki prepares his electric sword and so do I. "Yoshino Honored Style Battle Technique..." I can't hear the rest as my sword also electrifies and prepares to shoot the enemy. The calory exhaustion finally gets me and collapse in exctasy.

I go to 4chan. I see some fuck boasting that he likes Scaji bullshit. I write him this angry comment.


#1 by llee1000
2020-10-15 at 14:10
< report >I too am a Cultured Mememasa Coomer.