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Review of Osananajimi to Juu Nen, Natsu

SubjectOsananajimi to Juu Nen, Natsu
Osananajimi to Juu Nen, Natsu - Download Edition
ByVote: 8bombermania on 2020-10-15
ReviewGood low priced (~1000¥) kinetic romance VN. The story follows MC and his childhood friend, and shows how they first meet, becoming good friends with each other, love slowly blooms between them, etc. Unlike Riajuu Plus ver. Komatsuzaki Kaname, what this VN lacks in choice, it makes up with the detail, as the VN takes time describing each moments that MC and the childhood friend have. The high school part and the ending is underwhelming, but the whole experience is still good for the price.