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aristocrat on 2023-09-23
ReviewWhat Steins;Gate manages to do really well, is make full use of its medium as a VN, and straddle the line between super seriousness and light-hearted humour. It fully embraces otaku culture, and many of the jokes are self-referential, making an entertaining read for those familiar with that kind of thing. The characters are one of the strongest aspects of this VN, from the lovable mad scientist Hououin Kyouma, to the genius tsundere girl Kurisu, they are all enjoyable, yet believable. The story is exceedingly good, with many twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end.

The only criticism I'd say is if you've already watched the anime, playing the VN doesn't add *much*, besides the additional routes, and the appealing character art, drawn by the almighty Huke.
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#1 by lemonov
2023-09-25 at 02:32
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is make full use of its medium as a VN
I'd prefer that it didn't, as the phone trigger system is confusing and is a blatant walkthrough bait. Good luck getting that true end without a guide bruh. As well as the side ends being underwhelming and not really qualifying as proper routes.
The same goes for most other sciADV games, they would really be better kinetic. Even the lesser offenders like Chaos; games still have at least 2 hours of skipping to get to the side routes.Last modified on 2023-09-25 at 02:32
#2 by aristocrat
2023-09-26 at 15:35
< report >You are definitely reminding me that the choice system was annoying at times, but I still appreciate the uniqueness of it. I've played with worst offenders for complicated routes. And I like the side ends... yes it's hard for them to be as satisfying as the true end (because there's just too much that's unresolved) but I think they added something that the anime didn't have, which is further exploration of the characters and Okabe's relationship with them.