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Review of Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode

SubjectKara no Shoujo - The Second Episode
Xu zhi Shaonü
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Drleaf on 2023-09-23 last updated on 2023-10-19
ReviewAmong the three episodes of Kara no Shoujo, I have to say that I prefer the second episode, or Kyo no Shoujo the most, though in fact the first episode is the most well-known one (and it also created Touko, one of the most engaging 'Black Long Straight' characters), and the third episode actually gave a decent and satisfying ending of the series. The very aspect of the second episode that attract me is that it told a story (mainly the story of Masaki) with high integrity: Itcovers a long time span for over ten years, including plots before and after WWII, and there is a strong relation between the past and present stories, which is enhanced by large quantities of details, like the decription of the 'schizophrenia' symptom of Satsuki actually suggests the existence of a substitute; the 'cameo appearance' of the Kuchikis is also found to make sense later in the story. In a word, the two parts are not seperated but are delicately arranged, and it gave me a smooth viewing experience and full of expectations.

However, there is one essential point that I am very unsatisfied with. On the poster and the title interface when you first enter this VN, the only character you can see is Yukioko, which, generally speaking, means that she is either the protagonist or the most important main character. But the plots that contribute to her character portrayal are far from enough, which makes her characteristic so pale and thin that I didn't even have a strong impression when she is killed by her adaptive mother in the first game round. Plus, near the end of story, Yukiko's relationship with Masaki and Satsuki is revealed, and it is, err... kind of subtle, since I don't really think this relationship have any contribution to the whole story. But since I actually recommend this VN, I would like to just take less account of this flaw.

Digressions. I believe many of you have heard the alignment chart from DnD, it is also rather famous in the Chinese Internet, especially among ACGN lovers, because you can nearly fit anything in that 3x3 grid. About 10 years ago or earlier, when the FLOWERS series was not yet released, the producer of this VN, Innocent Grey, was unfortunately placed in the 'Chaotic Evil' alignment (by the way, Minori, the producer of eden* , which is not going well today, is placed in 'Lawful good'), the reason was 'This evil VN maker always ruthlessly kills the characters that viewers love the most' (they were just making fun, of course). I have to admit that when I found in the first episode of Kara no Shoujo that there is no way for Tsuziriko to survive, it was really annoying. That is a fortune that avoidable 'story needed death' did not appear too much in the second episode.
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