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Review of Kunoichi San Shimai ~Ichi no Maki・Inhou San Shimai Kenzan!~

SubjectKunoichi San Shimai ~Ichi no Maki・Inhou San Shimai Kenzan!~
The Tale of the Lewd Kunoichi Sisters
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ilwi on 2023-09-26
ReviewAbsolutely awful, but at least it's awful in a way you can laugh at just how ridiculous it is. The thinnest of plots (and even less clothing), but hey - there's tentacles. And the phrase meat rod. Repeatedly. Also includes other absurdities such as a dick the size of a person and using one's (very large) breasts to bounce into the sky. Very few choices that return to the same point before continuing. It gets a 4/10 because it's self aware enough to never pretend to be anything but what it actually is. And it was on sale.
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