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Review of Hajimete no Kanojo

SubjectHajimete no Kanojo
Hajimete no Kanojo - Download Edition
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pion on 2023-09-26
ReviewPhilosophical word vomit, fashion accessory human trauma, comically nebulous dialogue, and superfluous worldbuilding are all the name of the game when discussing Hajimete. What's important is that you "feel" it or whatever that means. But honestly, it's about audience participation, your willingness to ignore all prior convictions for perceived issues you've lobbied at other creator's art before, and instead, choose to see the sincerity in what's essentially "NTR" but pretend it actually makes sense logistically" all without a hint of self-awareness, irony, or acceptance of the fact that this works because it's inherently childish. Kids playing with their things

This installment is about these dreamt-up escapist scenarios. Expanding the lore of Agony, Betrayal, vague prophecies, and other tidbits that at one point were just tertiary mechanics in exploring the characters themselves. For as high as the stakes and situation were for the regular NTR, it was never actually about those things. The spectacle was grand, but ultimately, the intent was intimate. It was about dealing with depression, imposter syndrome, parental (ir)responsibility, the inherent ugliness, and beauty that came hand-in-hand with growing up. Navigating the uncertainty of adulthood. It's about everything else that the cool-looking NTR came to inhabit. Hajimete no Kanojo was the title, but ultimately, not the point.

The same can't be said about this game. Exploitatively mining these aspects, yes, but now it's about pre-established value.

But if you're not a subscriber that deifies this creative and everything they attach their name to, it becomes harder to justify any of it. This is a game that makes broad emotional story beats, patting itself on the back for taking what iota of characterization exists in its current state and proceeding to overanalyze it, making supposedly "profound" discoveries, despite having to rely entirely on the audience to at least have a cursory knowledge of the usual NTR to make any of these epiphanies stick because otherwise, they don't. If viewed independently, it's all facsimiles of the content it came from. Personalities robbed of nuance, where it expects the audience to fill in the gaps with what they've gathered prior to viewing it.
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#1 by onorub
2023-09-27 at 01:17
< report >"TL;DR i didn't care about the characters therefore i didn't care about what happens to them?"
#2 by nirvaren
2023-09-27 at 01:27
< report >Is this review being word vomit supposed to be ironic?