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Review of Ochiru Part Tsuma - Toshishita Otoko to no Jouji ni Oboreta Hate ni...

SubjectOchiru Part Tsuma - Toshishita Otoko to no Jouji ni Oboreta Hate ni...
Fallen Part-Time Wife: Succumbing to an Affair with a Younger Man
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Vote: 8.4
greywarden on 2023-09-28
ReviewPersonally, I think this is the best Studio Pork title yet. The lewd contents is amazing as always. If you're familiar with Studio Pork, you'll know what you get. Of course I have a few nitpicks, but this one has the best romance development out all of the titles. The after story kinda surprised me in a good way xD. If it's well thought/stretch-out, the after story alone can be a separate VN on its own. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

-The cheating contents in this is pretty "vanilla", just the usual love and lust(not that it's a bad thing). If you're looking for blackmail, corruption, etc, you might wanna check other titles.
-The protag is kinda pathetic in early stages of romance, begging for the girl (I just want the longing/lust to comes naturally). But overall, he's fine.
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#1 by ZedSlater
2023-10-02 at 18:37
< report >Okay, the Protagonist isn't exactly pathetic, but rather coy. To add the element of realism I suppose, he had to be modest and sincere in his approach, and considering the fact that he was in college in the early stages it makes all the more sense.

To support the realistic attempt at the story the fact that the wife and husband never divorced also adds a pillar to the theory as he could have just divorced them and they actually became a family (I wish!).
#2 by greywarden
2023-10-05 at 03:02
< report >#1 I suppose we can argue he isn't fully "matured" yet. Majority of the game he was fine. But those few scenes where he begs to the heroine is so pathetic. "can I kiss and touch you while I move on from you", like wtf? those kinda agreement adds to the unrealistic/porn-like aspect to the game. Ofcourse I'm being overly critical here, this is just a nitpick. The reason I do that is because I believe this is the best title from Studio Pork yet.

I mean I kinda get why the wife didn't divorced the husband, since there were no conflict to begin with. So I'm fine with that. Both of protag and the heroine is fine continuing the relationship behind closed doors. The plot does feel a bit far fetched on how long they managed to hide this relationship tho, but that's just a minor thing for me
#3 by gallicy
2023-10-05 at 03:08
< report >2# any more title like this that the main heroine divorced her husband?
#4 by greywarden
2023-10-05 at 11:36
< report >#3 You can try another one of Studio Pork's games, Moto Yankee Tsuma: Hinako ~Shinshin Tomo ni Kanzen Netori!~. Another one I could think of is Mesu Ochi! Kyonyuuzuma to no Iyasare Love Onsen ~Kyonyuuzuma-tachi to Mi mo Kokoro mo Fureau Love Ero Seikatsu~ (one of the heroines has that plot).

I'm only limited to English translated ones tho, if you can read Japanese, I'm sure there were others
#5 by gallicy
2023-10-05 at 11:36
< report >ah yeah forgot those ones ight.