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Review of Heart Work -Symphony of Destruction-

SubjectHeart Work -Symphony of Destruction-
Heartwork: The Game
ByVote: 7tenshitobacco on 2020-10-16
ReviewI searched for the short game with "Lots of Choices, High Amount of Bad Endings" tags, and I got everything that I wanted to see.

Different routes & events (not your typical "one straight plotline and some short dead ends"), action, old-school visual style & nice music are packed into a short (2-3 hours) vn. Just a pure enjoyment, and that dialogues from B-grade action movies make a story even funnier.
Some 90th uncensored hentai scenes may be nasty sometimes, but it's not a problem if you can tolerate this type of stuff. Overall, it's a decent and pretty underrated visual novel (5.91 - too low imo).