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Review of Akujo no Eikan

SubjectAkujo no Eikan
ByVote: 9pocongpohon on 2020-10-16
ReviewA game targeted at masochist and people who like femdom. Akujo no Eikan offers variety of femdom in any degree. There are 3 heroine, Hana is the main heroine while Meiko (gyaru) and Yuka (tall girl) are the side heroine. The 3 heroines represent degree of femdom with Meiko as gentle mistress (mommy play, nursing handjob, etc), Yuka doing hardcore femdom (cbt and ballbusting) and Hana in the middle ground. There are no choices in the game.

The game starts with the introduction of Hana as the new assistant/manager of the baseball club. There arent any female member/staff of the club so Hana was the only female in the club so the members act awkwardly around her, especially our MC (the captain). Then the first game comes. They got beaten easily. The fact that the club members are weak triggers Hana and she plans to take over the club.

First off, she asks the captain to 'leave the club to me' while comforting him after the loss. MC doesnt understand what she meant and he just shrug it off. By this point, she already conquered the captain. Next she comes after the club advisor and conquered him too.

With both captain and club advisor in her grasp, she ask both of them to tell the whole members that she is the absolute in the club. All club members just go along with the flow but the vice captain resists and he resists hard. The vice captain is the kind of person with male pride and doesnt want a woman to be in charge of the club. Long story short, in the end she conquered vice captain and present him in the whole members humiliated. With vice captain no longer able to resists, Hana officially becomes the person with the highest authority in the club. Thus the quest to make baseball club stronger begins. Later, Hana invites Meiko and Yuka to help her 'trains' the members in the 'training camp'. Meiko uses soft and gentle approach while Yuka does the hard stuff.

By the power of femdom training, the baseball club actually goes far in the tournament and make Hana, Meiko and Yuka proud. Its quite kino. In the end, MC confess to Hana. Meiko becomes the club advisor's mistress and Yuka tramples all over vice captain's male pride. The end scene is the graduation scene in the club with the 3 heroines play around with their respective slave pairing.

Overall, this is a good game. Akujo no Eikan has different appeal than its predecessor Koi xx Femdom and Jyukuatsu. You will feel satisfied when you finish the game. I would say this game is short since there arent any choices but i enjoyed it. Hana is a perfect femdom heroine. Great design with appealing cutesy voice. This game has her flashback on how she become sadist and in the MC confession scene, Hana got her development too albeit its a little bit twisted. Yuka and Meiko also offer different kind of femdom.

A must try if you are a fan of femdom.