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Review of Dasaku ~Arisu to Kuroe, Musubareru Hi~

SubjectDasaku ~Arisu to Kuroe, Musubareru Hi~
Dasaku ~Nuiawase~ Download Edition
ByVote: 6vario on 2020-10-16
ReviewI noticed that Dasaku ~Arisu to Kuroe, Musubareru Hi~ has less than a half of votes compared to Dasaku and decided to write a short review. The thing is, vndb lists this game as a fandisc while it's actually a direct sequel and you need to read it to get the actual conclusion of the main story (you probably noticed that Alice route from the original lacks something). I don't know why Cyclet decided to split it that way but they also did the same thing with Tokage no Shippo Kiri and I feel like they wanted to do Ayakami Shizume that way too (it sure feels like there should have been more).

Anyway, let's be honest, Dasaku is far from being perfect. It has ambitions and Sakuraba definitely tried to do more than just a guro nukige. Was it a good attempt? Well, you've probably seen some really different opinions about that game. And even if yours wasn't good, I feel that this sequel can make it a bit more optimistic. It's short and you can read it in one sitting so you won't lose much anyway. But you'll get not a simple epilogue but, like I've said, an actual conclusion with its twists and so on. Some decisions can be questionable but in my opinion it's still more satisfying than the ending of the original game. Don't miss it.

P.S. Also this game uses E-mote unlike the original. Feels a bit weird to change the style of presentation but it isn't bad if I remember correctly.