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Review of Custom Order Maid 3D 2

SubjectCustom Order Maid 3D 2
ByVote: 9joshopit on 2020-10-16 last updated on 2020-10-20
ReviewCustom Order Maid 3D 2 is an elegant and well-made eroge and I'm not kidding if I say that this is one of the best eroge I have ever played: our adventure will begin when our grandfather gives us the Empire club, a great mansion where the people can drink,have parties and have fun with the maids. Aside from the story mode which is nothing more than a side dish to distract you from the content the game has to offer, i'll talk about the two things I loved the most about this game: the customization of your maids and the customization for the H-scenes.

When we create our maid, the game will catapult us into a menu where it is possible to customize in detail our companions: many times I noticed that games of the genre tend to be minimalist when it comes to contents but here we will find an arsenal of hair, clothes and eyes;I think it is useless to mention the infinite dose of lingerie and panties and I also appreciated the fact that you can decide the height and size of the girl's breasts... details are important!

You can train a lot of girls and you can decide the girl's personality: do you want a pure girl with an angelic voice? Muku! Do you want a serious but inexperienced girl with the fair s. e. x? Majime! Do you want a cold Onee-san? Rindere! These are the three personalities who will accompany you throughout the game and if you want more, save some money for the various dlc. I advise all of you to focus on the first three maids you are going to create since there's a story mode for them.
Unlike the first CM, here there's the opportunity to open various clubs to earn money: many clubs unlock various rooms for the H-scenes that will guarantee us easy money.

Let's move on to the most important part of the game: sex.

When you want to make love with the maid (or various maids), you will be offered the option to decide various s. e. x.u a. l positions that will consume some of the girl's stamina: once the stamina is consumed, the girl will give in and the next day will be less productive (I assume this detail not important to some people). The best way to get more stamina for more extreme and perverse positions is to level her up by making her work or doing certain activities. The animations are great and I appreciated the voices of the girls: in the first CM the vocal lines were monotonous, the headache was inevitable due to the monotony: here instead we will be studded with moans and perverted phrases.

The more you go on in these nights of madness, the more your maid will become a woman of culture and here you will unlock various fetishes that will add quality to an experience that is already very immersive... if you're a perv you'll love the NTR route.
Many positions are exclusive to certain rooms: if for example you are into BDSM or something like that, you will have to choose a certain room (to unlock certain rooms you will have to level up and this could annoy people who bought COM3D2 only for a certain content ). Another thing that left me speechless is the arousal mode: basically it changes the vocal lines of every interaction with the maid becoming more eager and perverted.

Things I liked:
-Animations are well done
- Decent graphics that surpasses its predecessor
-catchy songs
-The game is endless
-I loved the typical elements of dating sims where you can deepen the relationship with your maids: you will start as friends and end up as lovers
- Extensive and versatile customization
-Customizable H-scenes

Things I didn't like:
-The game is very expensive and on steam spend more money on the patch that will allow you to unlock the 18+ content
-The beginning is frustrating and limiting on the sex side

In conclusion, Custom Order Maid 3D 2 is a little treasure in the eroge's scene, I recommend this game to all those people looking for a fun and immersive experience.

Rating: 9/10

Sorry for my bad english! Have a nice day!