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Review of Quartett!

ByVote: 6hollow-universe on 2020-10-16
ReviewI had a hard time getting my thoughts straight on “Quartett!” because I do like it and don’t regret reading it, despite having several complaints. It can be rather charming and genuinely made me laugh a good handful of times. I just think it needed to commit to the sitcom-style fully or commit to being a more serious character drama, as it stands now, it does both in a rather mediocre fashion due to its limited run time. I’d say the aspect of “Quartett!” that makes it the most worthwhile is the art and unique presentation. I am sure there are a number of other titles out there that use free-floating dialogue boxes, but “Quartett!” is the first one I’ve experienced and the title is rather creative with it. Overall, it's entertaining but I wouldn’t say you are missing out if you pass on it.