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Review of Roshutsu-Kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea

SubjectRoshutsu-Kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea
Roshutsu-Kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea - DMM Edition
ByVote: 6barfboy on 2020-10-16
ReviewThe game has some great points and may be fun for a lot of you. When I've unlocked all the endings and scenes I'll add some good points. This is just for what frustrates me in a game series that has been so good so far. It could help you decide whether to even play it. If you haven't yet pick up the first two games in the series instead.

So there's 50 outfits in this game. This includes combinations so there's underwear, underwear with knee socks, underwear with knee socks and a ribbon, underwear with a ribbon, panties only, panties only with a ribbon, panties only with knee socks, bra only, bra only with a ribbon, bra only with knee socks, bra only with knee socks and a ribbon.

So I have no idea if I'm missing a maid outfit with only thigh highs if that's a thing (I don't know) or if I'm missing an entire outfit like a bunny girl. Is there even a bunny girl in the game? I don't know. What about a sexy nurse? is that in the game? I don't know. Maid outfit has a Naked Maid Outfit version which is her wearing only stockings, gloves, and a maid's headdress. Are the stockings separate? Are the gloves separate? What makes it a maid outfit if she's naked? The headdress? Is there an underwear version? I don't know. So I don't know what combinations exist. Which means I don't know what's missing. Is it worth grinding for all 50 outfits if all I'm going to get out of it is a combination of something I already have? A maid outfit with a bra instead of a bra and gloves maybe? No idea.

The RPG is annoying. The first two games in the series you fought battles, you leveled up, you went on to fight more battles. That's not the case here. 90% of the battles you will lose. There is absolutely no way to win them. They heal themselves for more damage than you can possibly do anytime their HP drops below 3/4. Yup, at 3/4 full they start healing themselves. I get it, the battles are there to give you outfits since every time you lose the Libido forces you to wear clothes that are their fetish. But that means you have to grind maps for random outfits. I spent over an hour reloading to try and get the Libido with the naked apron fetish.

One great thing is the map tells you what outfits are available and I'm making a list that I could upload when I'm done so people can see if they need to grind map 2 for the white school swimsuit or if it's also available on map 4 and they can move on.

The boss fights are pointless. Tear Heart shows up for the boss fights and tanks them for you. You can surrender and get the bad ending to each fight for some extra scenes or just stand there healing yourself each round waiting for Tear Heart to just nuke the boss.


Sigh. There is not enough SE. Every week Shine takes SE as payment and the amount keeps going up. This is to prevent the player from grinding on their own and getting too high level early on. The game is trying to force the player to go outside map griding for the SE they need to play. So you have to go to the beauty pageant, you have to visit your old school naked, and so on. This makes map leveling even more pointless since you can just put on your college girl outfit and walk straight to the boss of each level without any problem. So map grinding is even more difficult but since it's pointless ... sigh. It could have been so much better.

Not enough map events. If they had more map events and you could save up enough SE to exploit them this would be epic. I wish I could put her in a naked apron and wander around town looking for unique naked apron events or put her in a maid outfit and get maid exclusive events but there isn't any. There's just no point to the different outfits. Just a little more effort and this would be among their best but it's just annoying.