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Review of G-senjou no Maou

SubjectG-senjou no Maou
ByVote: 9hollow-universe on 2020-10-16
ReviewI really really dig it. It just really appeals to me in a lot of different ways, from addressing the constant inner struggles that individuals have of committing evil acts, which I find really relatable, to having a cute, yet outstandingly smart companion to solve crimes with, all while having a soundtrack that is composed of modified classical music. Each different path with the various girls had such a touching story to tell. If you play the paths in a specific order, which the game kind of nudges you towards, you end up left with some unanswered questions about the main mystery which makes it more tempting to just jump right back in and start up the next route. I whole heartily recommended the title. It's appealing in a number of different ways between the mystery, humor, and romance.