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Review of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

SubjectHigurashi no Naku Koro ni
ByVote: 7tertyyy on 2020-10-17
ReviewIt's hard to review just the Question Arcs especially for me as I am not the biggest fan of horror so I can't say I enjoyed those aspects even if they were well written. That said, there are many great aspects to this half of Higurashi. It covers a lot of interesting topics and presents an extremely interesting mystery. That is this half's greatest strength, its setup, but because of that it is hard to rate highly on its own.


#1 by hansfranz77
2020-10-17 at 12:29
< report >I'm on chapter 4 atm. And i really start to wonder if you guys (as in most folks recommending this utter drivel all the time) played something else then me?
Not to piss all over your cornflakes, but this thing is the furthest form "well written" i might have ever played or even seen. (I need to think about that once i'm finally done with everything.)

I have no idea how this series got the great standing it has these days in the west. But despite its age this is "modern writing" in a nutshell. There is nothing too stupid or over the top for this thing to pull out of left field. In favor of the all encompassing "plot" with no setup, believability or rationallity on any end. Even if the plot involves the protag going utterly mental and killing somone with a baseball bat, just to convinietly end up in a paralell world, in which the whole thing doesn't matter anymore. Who the fuck can take this seriously?!

Its like a child making shit up on a playground so he doesn't have to lose, or in this case the mc either getting killed or ending in jail for his insanity. The childish story part is very fitting, considering the original character art.

Nobody in this game seems to be able to think for even a second like a normal logical human being. And when they try to do, so - on very rare occasions (mostly rena) the game acts like its impossible anyways. To force the story so far off the rails again you start to wonder how this shit got ever put into a vn to begin with? Let alone something as highly rated as this one apparently is?! Chapter 3 with a possible adoption of satoko by the family of the protag (which would've solved the whole chapter right form very early on, btw) was the best example for this.

As a result it's shortly after the first chapter you start to notice the writers either having no idea what they're doing or just not giving a fuck at all. Whatever it may be, it does not help with suspesion of disbelief. Especially if you have a kinetic novel structure and one of the most braindead, protags i have ever seen. He might be even mentally and emotionally deficient, to the point where you sometimes wonder if he had been suffering form stockholm syndrome (which btw the game gives no indication to, what so ever at the point in the story he acts this way) and states "how he hurt his best friend a (known serial killer by that point) so bad, (by not giving her a damn doll as a persent), he might as well killed the ones she tortured and butcherd himself." It's just crazy. Maybe he even is insane at the very end? It would fit this transparent bullshit wirting like a glove! Thus you can only watch this ideotic spectacle unfold as you are unable to do anything about it.

Hell some hentai have guys that are more capable to think about their- and more importantly the actions of others, compared to this guy. I only wait for the moment chapter 4 pulls some rape or pedo shit for real this time.. it would just fit in with all the insane nonsense and if they try to check boxes those just might be the last things that are "missing" still to get the highest "shocking your audience score". This is the kind of crap those hacks pull out of their asses, all the time. So they would at least be one time consistent. What they're doing is as transparent as water after a few hours.

I wasted so much time on this thing hoping it would finally get better and aside form some parts in chapter 3 with satoko's story which were greatly undermined, by her aparently being able to get alc and cigs, by herself in the convinience store on a bike and of course coach and keiichi acting like the bruises all over her body are nothing they could act upon. The most hilarious thing about that one was the later revelation of coach being the village doctor himself. Give me a damn break game! o.O There is nothing here! This whole game and very likely the next parts as well live(s) and die(s) on the stupidity, irrationality and craziness of everyone in this world - especially the main protagonist, keiichi. Once you realize that, you do not give a fuck anymore what is happening, or will hapen.

Tldr: This is all a big clown show and not worth the time it's asking from you and which seems to have the premise of shock your audience with every cheap trick you could possibly imagine. There is no consistincy to the action, the characters or even the plot. Its all random shit just happening all the time. I'ts a broken world, game and filled with broken wirting at that point. Nothing in it makes any damn sense. A Story is predicated on it being able to immerse the player / reader into its world. This thing is not able to do so after a few hours, anymore. Because everything can or can not happen all the time, with no consistency to any of it, let alone rhyme or reason as to why it happens or don't.

I can not wait until the very end and they pull the the protag was crazy all along!11 It was all in his head! got ya "twist" . This seems to be exactly the kind of "writing talent" those dudes are having. Its a farce.

I will write my own review and might even put in screenshots, not sure how and when. Or how to do it in the best way, yet. Once i'm done with chapter 4 i will need a break for a few weeks to get this garbage out of my brain again.Last modified on 2020-10-17 at 15:13
#2 by tertyyy
2020-10-17 at 18:25
< report >I think you should give the Answer Arcs a shot as they address a lot of your issues with the first half. This doesn't necessarily mean it will change your mind or that you will like the explanations you are given but I think you should give it a shot before making a final judgement on Higurashi.
#3 by hansfranz77
2020-10-18 at 00:25
< report >Believe me i will. But i didn't put half and half in two seperate games. So this one was only a rant over the 3 and a bit chapters i played as of yet and wasted far too much time and energy on...
Which is why i will take a longer break after 4 is over and done with.