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Review of Corpse Party: BloodDrive

SubjectCorpse Party: BloodDrive
Corpse Party: Blood Drive
ByVote: 4tremmy on 2020-10-17
ReviewWhere the hell do I even begin? I'll start by saying the PC port isn't good. Its terribly unoptimized and just needlessly taxing. I swear this game took more resources to run than The Witcher 3.

There were very few things I enjoyed about this game. It seems like they realized they messed up the gameplay in book of shadows and did a complete 180 and cranked it up to 11 here. The gameplay is surprisingly decent, and they brought back the danger element they had going in the first game. In fact, its almost a little to dangerous. EVERYTHING in this damn game is trying to kill you, even loose pieces of wood on the floor. They introduced a lot of new mechanics, but really didn't utilize them very much. I think I hid in 2 cabinets the entire game. All of the EX chapters were really good as well, explaining more of the backstories about characters who still needed fleshing out. One thing I did really appreciate in this series as whole is the school layout never changes. If you memorized the layout from the first game, you have a HUGE leg up on puzzle solving throughout everything else.

Onto the stuff I didn't like, and believe me there is A LOT. I'll start with some very fundamental stuff that should really just be basic gameplay shit 101. All the 3D cutscenes in this game really ruin a ton of stuff. Text skipping for example works fine, but you can't skip any of the 3D scenes or animations, so anytime you get a gameover you will be forced to watch these long drawn out scenes over again every single time. The 3D sprites just do not compliment the tone of the game sometimes compared to the spooky backgrounds of the past. Several times they would layer the 2D sprites on top the 3D sprites and we'd have a cutscene with severe stuff going down, and in the background we'd just have the character sprites standing around smiling away like its just another day at school. It was completely ridiculous. Next is the saving, the ONE game in this series that desperately needed the autosaves didn't get it. Savepoints were fairly generous, but it didn't stop me from having to replay unskippable 3D scenes several times when collecting bad ends.

I really want to know why none of the character relationships ever saw any development in this game or this series as a whole. From the very first game they had already set up all the pairings and romantic interests and 3 games later they did absolutely fuck all with ANY of it. Literally not a single relationship saw any meaningful development. Hell, poor Yoshiki gets screwed over so damn badly in every single game I almost think this series deserves an NTR tag. 3 of the 9 or so romantic pairings aren't reciprocated because someone over at GrisGris has a severe Yuri fetish, which would be perfectly fine but they don't even do anything on that side of the aisle either. Just massive blue balls through the entire game.

Moving onto the story. I'm not sure what they were even trying to do. If I'm being perfectly honest I swear they just wrote this shitshow as they went. How the hell did we go from a silly friendship charm leading kids into a haunted school with a malicious little girl ghost, to a fucking apocalyptic revenge story from some edgelord idealistic spiritual terrorist? They flat out replaced Sachiko with a pair of baby teeth as the main antagonist. Why in the hell would you spend 3 entire games fleshing out a FANTASTIC character like Sachiko just to treat her like an afterthought in the finale? Its one of the most baffling decisions I've seen made in this medium yet. Then at the very end they take it a step further and just make nirvana a literal ancient latin evil. Don't even get me started on that final boss fight. Not even knowing Japanese will save you here. No, you need to know fucking Latin.

Overall I think GrisGris just really lost sight of what made the previous games special and they went and tried taking the story more seriously than it ever needed to be. BloodDrive didn't even feel like a horror story, it felt damn near like chuunishit half the time with all the needless nonsense from witches and cultists that really just didn't need to exist whatsoever. All the character deaths felt entirely inconsequential because its completely overshadowed by all the other absurdity going on. No time to worry about your friend that just got turned into toothpaste! We've got Macguffins to find!

I'll wrap it up there. Genuinely just not a good game. I wish I had the foreknowledge to just skip it entirely because it added absolutely nothing worthwhile to the series as a whole. If anyone reading this is interested in the series, play the original, play book of shadows and pretend the final chapter doesn't exist, and finish it off with birthday bash. BloodDrive simply shouldn't exist. Don't ruin your Halloween with this shit.


#1 by bezeleyee
2020-10-17 at 03:24
< report >Yeah, pretty terrible game although Corpse Party is my guilty pleasure. They've gone full chuunishit on this one and barely ended up being a horror game, bizarre direction.