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Review of Otome * Domain

SubjectOtome * Domain
Otome * Domain - Download Edition
ByVote: 6eschasintra on 2020-10-17
ReviewEver thought of playing as a feminine character to experience a Yuri story, turns out the MC has a penis to keep the whole story straight? That's pretty much the promise of Otome Domain.

Minato is enrolled in an all-girls academy and tries to fit into his new life, turns out the dorm students are even weirder than him, often lacking common sense, such as cooking skills, social skills, basic hygiene or straight up being exhibitionists. Minato is left to his own devices and has to take care of those indecentely educated fine ladies.

Pretty much the plot of the whole game, the art was a pleasant surprise as Tatekawa Mako succeeds to deliver a refreshing artstyle in the field of moege and their recurent same-faces. Komowata Haruka (known for providing Yuzusoft's SD art) catches the characters' personnalities and prospers in illustrating comical episodes.

However, there are masses of elements which the artstyle couldn't save or make one overlook on them : pretty much everything else in the game is either a massive con or is destined to be forgotten by the reader a few days later. The characters are one-dimensional and monotonous, filling up a batch of stereotyped traits or gaps making them even more superficial; character development is inconsistent as the characters remain autistic from the beginning to the end. Of course, we are talking about a moege : characters are written in a way to satisfy the user's favorite traits and elements. Heck, I even found Yuzu really cute as she fits into all my hit points. Does that mean she's a well written character? No.

The plot is not even worth mentioning as I've played this game on release, I surely do not remember whatever the hell happened. That's not the point, right? You and I know we aren't looking out on this game for its brilliant and controversial writing. H-scenes are a perfect example of a tedious and unbalanced overdose of vanilla, the lack of eagerness pretty much takes over my body as I speedread those scenes.

Characters, art and H-scenes are dominants in a moege, with characters pretty much being the key of a game's enjoyment or not as you spend the whole route conquering and admiring them. When one fails to achieve their role, the whole balance becomes awkward as you feel wrong for enjoying something this shallow which slowly falls into dullness.

Neverless, the reading length is under a regular moege's average and there are only three routes, if you want to participate in a trap-like POV experience and you're used to this branch of visual novels, checking it out wouldn't harm as there are still some moments where you can encounter excitement and satisfaction.