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Review of Flyable Heart

SubjectFlyable Heart
ByVote: 9barfboy on 2020-10-18
ReviewSo the reason this visual novel gets a 9 from me is, the spoiler. The spoiler is why it deserves a 9 and not an 8, or a 7, or a 6. This is an average VN if not for the spoiler and it's reached epic status because of the spoiler. So reviewing this without the spoiler is pretty impossible. So lets get on with it.

The spoiler.
Katsuragi Shou and Inaba Yui are the same person. The game leads you to this conclusion without saying it right out but by the end of Yui's route if you haven't figured it out you're not paying attention. On Yui's route they fall in love, start dating, and have sex. Then while talking Yui figures out that Shou is her twin brother. They even go to MAXX who confirms it. All the drama in their route comes from the fact that they've discovered that they're related and everything falls apart. However, the two can't stay apart from each other. They fell in love before discovering they're twins. Finally they decide it doesn't matter and confirm that they will be lovers despite being siblings.

The problem is that Shou is not Yui's brother. He IS Yui. This is because the scene at the start of the game when Shou is walking across the bridge and collapses he has entered Yui's world. This is why the school has no record of him transferring. This is why his roommate is a robot. This is why he and Yui share the same DNA. When it's discovered that Shou doesn't exist in anybody's record he and Yui can go back to being lovers without a problem. Despite the obvious problem that their DNA is the same. When Shou is offered a chance to go back to his own world where his father is alive he chooses to stay with Yui in her world. Happily ever after.

It's a beautiful game because of it. It's unique because of it. It's a 9/10 because of it. I love incest and, in this case selfcest, because it's people overcoming forbidden love and this is a fine example. Best of luck to Yui and Shou, I love you loving one another.


#1 by onorub
2020-10-18 at 10:59
< report >Even without the spoiler, i thought it had a pretty fun common route and characters are pretty fine for moege. Only read half the routes (Yui, Sakurako and Mayuri), but other routes also get intriguing when it comes to the mechanics behind the spoiler.