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ayuanx on 2023-11-19 last updated on 2023-11-23
ReviewA really bad game design.

The route is determined very early during the first few days of the game by just one or two seemingly insignificant choices. And once the route is determined, there is no way to divert to other routes later at all. As a result, for the majority part of the game, events belonging to other routes (i.e. other characters) completely disappear. Yet there are still dozens of choices waiting for you during the rest 20 days or so, and those choices serve no purpose (because the route is already determined) other than trying to disqualify you. If you make one or two wrong choices during those 20 days, you are immediately disqualified from the determined route and locked to the bad ending.

As the route is determined too early and the events that don't belong to the current route do not appear at all, this game is already very short and boring (coupled with the lack of voice). Worse still, one or two wrong choices anytime could mean all the following events that do belong to the current route will also disappear, leaving a huge vacuum in the game for you to gaze upon with no content to fill. The game then quickly becomes that you just woke up in the morning from the last dialogue and right away it is already the night time to bed by the next dialogue, because all the events have been eliminated prematurely. And this pattern repeats itself till the end of the game.

Who would design a game like this? I could not find any fun with such bad a game design.
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#1 by funnerific
2023-11-19 at 06:00
< report >This is very typical of old VNs, I'm pretty sure. Sometimes you just have to use a walkthrough.