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Review of Ore no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i.

SubjectOre no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i.
My Klutzy Cupid
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Rolex on 2023-11-19 last updated on 2023-11-20
ReviewDo you guys remember Death Note? It was about this edgy boi called Light (lmao) who found a notebook that he used to do naughty things with. But what if you take this concept and adapt it to a slice of life moege? You get My Klutzy Cupid, yet another harem rom-com in the endless sea of moe visual novels.

The MC this time around is called Tsumugu (which is a marginally better name than ”Light” I guess) who, while on the way home from his baito, finds a conspicuous piece of stationery lying on the ground. As he picks it up an angel falls from the sky next to him and tells him that today is his lucky day. The item that he just picked up is called the "Love Note",  a magical tome that, if you write down the name of a person you fancy, that person dies within 10 seconds of a heart attack. Just joking. It actually tells you the level of "fatedness" (is that even a word?)  with said person and what you can do to raise it.  Once it reaches 100 you two will be as good as soulmates for life. Only catch is: he has to do it within 90 days or he loses the use of his pepe forever. DUN DUN DUN!

But don't worry, because you have a super kawaii and totally competent angel of love by your side to be your wingman. What could possible go wrong?

So the novel's structure is very straight forward. Every so often you will get the chance to get to pick one of the girls that you like. Obviously if you want to enter a certain route you'll have to choose the same girl over and over again. So who are our girls this time around?

Well first of all we have the angel of love herself, Lovemiel, who as you can imagine is every bit of useless as she appears. She's the main star of the show and around whom the main plot of the novel revolves. In my opinion you should leave her route for last, but you're free to do as you wish.

The second girl is your bratty stepsis Uta who is a complete and total brocon. Seriously this girl is extremely horny and things start escalating with her sooner than you might imagine. The thing is that at the end of her route there is a massive spoiler about Lovemiel so it's debatable whether which of the two routes you should do first.

Isuzu is your osananajimi and is every bit as boring as generic as it gets. Her story also has nothing to do with the main plot so hers is easily the worst route. There's nothing particularly wrong about her character, it's just extremely generic and you've seen her tropes before a million times already.

Rinka is hot. Period. She is this cool and aloof beauty that has a ... deep secret that she is hiding. Ok, she's a vtuber. OMGWTFLOLBBQ a STreaMeR WaIfU LIEK i AlwaAYS wanTed amiRitE GaIS??? Ugh, I swear I hate weebs sometimes. Ok so she's a twitch thot. But dayum is she smokin hot! Again her route has nothing to do with the main plot but those H scenes with her were something else! Could have been best girl if she weren't a twitch thot.

So these are the main four girls, but WAIT, we have MORE waifus!

First of all we have Uta's best friend Kururu who is probably best girl all things considered. She's crazy smart and immediately catches on to things, plus she is ten times more competent as a wingman than Lovemiel. Shame that her route was so short and has nothing to do with the main story.

Finally we have the thicc MILF Minekoshi-sensei who is just as hot as Rinka, but she also brings in her adult charms. Her route is also short however it can only be unlocked after finishing Lovemiel's route since it sort of ties up the whole story and answers some of the questions that were posed in Lovemiel's arc.

Did I say finally? There is also a SUPAR SIKRIT hidden route where you remain an indecisive bitch and remain impotent for life presumably. But that's ok because your best bro Masora is there to keep you company (no homo).

The main issue with the plot is that it's kind of all over the place. You have to basically do 3 routes to get the whole picture, while the rest are there as "filler" I guess. Also Lovemiel's route has a very abrupt ending. There is some drama near the end that gets solved within five minutes, I'm not exaggerating. IMO they should have scrapped the Kururu's, sensei's, and the gobot's routes and used that extra time to flesh out Lovemiel's ending.

Beyond that the production values are decently high. The interface is really good as is the CG gallery. The gallery allows you to scroll back and forth between images, and it even comes with a full gallery of every sprite in the game with all of the available variations and poses! The OST is elevator music, however the VA is really good. Stand outs were Lovemiel's and Uta's performances, but everyone did a great job here.

The artwork is typical moe stuff, but the designs are better than average. The CG's are also competently drawn and here I'd like to point out the number one stand out feature of this VN and why I gave it such a high score, namely the H. The girls have a nice variety of body types with a good variety of breast shapes and sizes. The artwork is also decensored and the veganes are drawn with a high level of detail, and the most important thing is that the scenes are really, really hot. They stay within the realm of usual moe fetishes but the drawings and the situations are always on point. I think that if you are reading the normie version you are wasting your time with this because the H scenes are all that it has going for. They are also quite lengthy and each girl has a decent number of them too. Thumbs up to the devs.

On a technical note: I ran this game on Linux and I encountered some issues. First of all I could not get the intro movie to play even though I installed lavfilters and quartz. Also despite me having these two installed I sometimes go crashes during certain scenes where certain effects popped up on screen. I had to constantly juggle around wine prefixes to get past this issues... that is until I realized that you can actually turn these effects off from the main menu! So if you're playing on Linux my advice is to switch these off so you spare yourself the pain. You aren't missing anything anyway.

I was going to give this a 6 or maybe even a 5, but due to how well done the H scenes are I am going to bump this up to a 7.

Verdict: 7/10; an excellent addition to any vanilla coomer's collection. If you're here for the story though then this is probably only a 5 or a 6 at max.

Total read time: 36 hours and 30 minutes, getting 100%, time measured with Lutris.
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