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Review of Sensei Overnight

SubjectSensei Overnight
Sensei Overnight v0.19.0
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hilom on 2023-11-19
Reviewi must preface this by saying the author (pers0nas) is currently in prison for coercing and threatening children online (and possessing cp), as much as i have enjoyed reading this, its more than understandable to never touch nor read this

ill list some major points and go over in them in more detail afterwards:
- graphics
- lots of characters
- lack of vision
- predictable dialogue
- concise conflict resolution
- patreon model
- sandbox
- bri'ish
- other thoughts

the graphics are whatever, koikatsu is the norm for this type of stuff, im indifferent just because im used to it. its understandable because its hard for a solo dev to everything (everything) themselves.

there are lots of characters introduced in sensei overnight, the first two chapters introduce 16 students and 8 side characters, each with their own storyline. the issue is that characters are not well balanced, a few are very likeable, a couple annoying (hana), and some become irrelevant very quickly (kio). its clear early on that pers0nas finds a voice for some characters and fails on others, which means as long as sections focus on more well thought out characters, you will find enjoyable and impactful moments. however, this also means theres a proportion of scenes where characters who you dont care for ruin scenes (as a wise man once said: a purposefully annoying character is still annoying). chapter 3 also introduces a whole new class that i assume was supposed to run parallel to the previous class and characters, talk about a bloated cast.

the beginning suffers from a lack of vision, events are short (some are like 10 lines long) and only introduce the general personality (the caricature) of the character. theres no development, not much of anything at all. this means the start is just boring and you have to just get through it. you can tell throughout chapter 1 that the character arcs are being decided on whilst development continued, as major character's personalities start to change into what they are towards the end of current development (oki, tora stand out to me). its striking how well new characters are integrated when introduced later on in the vn. honestly, i would have preferred if sensei overnight just redid the first half of chapter 1, utilising the lessons pers0nas was taught about character building over development.

the dialogue is very predictable sometimes, lots of events move forward by the character simply stating to the mc "i have a question for you sensei" or the immensely genius vice reversa by mc onto the character "can i ask YOU a question". these are less commonly used the further you go but its disappointing that the only way to gain knowledge of the mc is through this. something worse is that pers0nas retconned lots of sensei's dialogue to include the fact that he "internally monologs" to himself a lot (fucking spell it correctly at least), which is cool but he seems to announce it every event, which gets annoying fast.

the major positive i have is that (minor) conflicts get resolved quickly (compared lessons in love - that this is based off of). if theres a small conflict it will be resolved next event, which is cool, so its not dragged on ad nauseum.

the two biggest problems are the patreon model and the sandbox. the patreon model incentivises never finishing a project, and you can tell because version 0.19 feels like were 0% way through the story, because there is no finish line, you can always add more drama, more lore, more characters. this also means if theres a sudden reason why the development cannot be continued (for example you get arrested), youre left with a product that has little to no value just because theres no resolution. i saw a comment somewhere that says the patreon update model, and these types of vns respectively, create a more episodic story, akin to an anime, rather than a contained story, akin to a book. this means you have to be constantly reading new updates when they come out, reminding yourself of what has happened (good luck remembering 30 characters worth of shit) to discuss with the community. i guess its down to what you value. i value people's time being respected.

the sandbox is dogshit like always. the "gameplay" is check hints -> skip to the day you need -> read one event -> repeat. its rubbish, adds nothing, and bloats the vn even more.

the sense of humour is cool, its usually dry and has lots of references to british culture which is great for me, terrible for the rest of the audience. honestly made be exhale violently and chuckle a lot of the time.

other thoughts include - dream events (go into the dream of the character) were the best part of it for me, would have enjoying lots more of those and incorporating them to the underlying character development (like eruka's did) - mc was an insert like half the time, would spout off nonsense about their philosophy and everyone would agree which is like whatever man - constant vn references were weird, its like he read 2 vns and decided to make it his personality(?), i get you like lil and katawa shoujo but theres no need to reference it constantly

in conclusion:

it aight
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#1 by Draconyan
2023-11-19 at 19:10
< report >The funniest part of this game is reading the character page and find the nonsense Japanese-ish names the author came up with.
#2 by hilom
2023-11-19 at 21:44
< report >anii mai is a funny name tbf, ive always found names where its more natural to say the full name a bit absurd

thinking about it, it would be more interesting if it was just set in the uk, honestly wouldnt even have to change any of the names nor most of the scenes, unique selling point as well, although the mc wouldve probably been arrested. one can dream.