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Review of Hello,good-bye

Hello, Goodbye - Standard Edition
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CgSquall on 2023-11-20
ReviewThis is a pretty decent VN in general. I do think that if you don't finish all 4 routes in this game you're doing yourself a disservice, as they build upon each other in a way.

I will call out a few things though:

BGM in this game is incredibly good. To its detriment though, if I'm honest. I had to turn the BGM down to 10% because it was genuinely distracting - especially because a decent amount of the BGM has words to it - but YMMV on this, just keep it in mind.

This VN also has in-game achievements which some people love, some hate.

To some extent I don't feel like the mystery-ish setup really paid off "enough" at the end for how much it had been built up. Especially since even Masaki Jin got a "happy end" getting what he wanted

Even with all of that said, the routes do have some quality differences that are worth calling out. Natsume's and Koharu's routes are particularly well written, May's route is middle of the road, and Suguri's route - quite frankly - feels like it was tacked on so that they could check the osananajimi box, and would not really be missed if it was removed. Her's would be the only route I'd skip if you could - but Koharu's route does not unlock unless you complete all three of the others.
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