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Review of Dual Family

SubjectDual Family
Dual Family: Act I – Part X CE Airing
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Vote: 7
S29th on 2023-11-20
ReviewIts art is not that good but not that bad. No movement or gif only pictures. And no voice. The reason I give it 7 is the game was really hard and I think it worth playing more than one time
I open its archive fill and there was 9200 pictures in it. If we say son and dad have equal number of pictures there was at least 4600 for son. I try to give all my love and lust to the mom but at the end I didn’t get any sex scenes 😂 only some playing her self or naked scene. I didn’t know does this game have any sex scene or not. I don’t know should I be proud of my self for being good boy or blame my self for not getting anything. Anyway if you want to complete it you need to play it number of times. And you can’t skip new scenes which makes it hard. Play it if you have plenty of time
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