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Review of Another Chance

SubjectAnother Chance
Another Chance v1.34
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S29th on 2023-11-20
ReviewIt’s mostly about your relationship ship with some college girls who are in your age. There is 3 older women/milfs but not that much involved. They have some scenes in gallery
At first you may thought your choices aren’t that much game changeable but later there will be some locked choices which you need to have some requirements for them. For example 2 strength or 1 love with the girl. You can’t handle everyone together
Also there isn’t enough time for all quests. They overlap so you probably will lose some of them and need to play again. Hopefully with chapter selection you can do it faster
I really recommend you use gallery unlocked mod if you don’t want to play it again. But unfortunately the gallery is really bad so it will be a little hard to find the scene that you are looking for
In my opinion the game have few more problems and that’s:
1- there is lots of places that you can visit even if you don’t have any thing to do there. And there isn’t some fast teleport to there. For example if you want to go to hospital from home you should go to school then some park then riverside then hospital. And if you want to get back to school it’s same. Lots of choices and time lost
2- the second problem is you can interact with everything and that’s ridiculous. For example you can interact with magazine that have no points for you
3- for mixing things you should go to your bag and find items then mix them together. If they just do it auto it will be really better. I had around 40 items which was in 3-4 pages and I should find required item
4- you can’t increase your self points from activities. If you want some strength point to do a special choice and you don’t have enough fashion point you should just go for another mission or miss the choice
5- gallery is terrible. I was looking for Mrs. L scenes and I should scroll down in his phone to find a scene. Then when I finished that scene I get back to the start of gallery. If gallery was in some other part like menu screen or it was based on character it was really helpful. Especially with regards that it have lots of characters and lots of scenes. For sure we are not interested in all characters
6- x ray won’t work very well in season 2. X-ray was a fun think I like in game. But the full mode of it was equal to the semi in season 2 and some part of first chapters
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