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Review of Aiyoku no Eustia

SubjectAiyoku no Eustia
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komo-cakep on 2023-11-28
Reviewthere's really not much to say. look at the main page. look at its translation projects not just in English. and not the MTL trash kind of translation. if that's not a testament to how well received this VN is, I dunno what is.

when the patch got leaked the site was overwhelmed with downloads for a while. just like how quick vultures are when they saw a dead body asking to be eaten.

as for the VN itself, I am so glad to say that this is probably the only VN (so far) that managed to make me seated for a very long time. no alt-tabbing, no distractions and all that. I'm so engrossed with the world-build and the characters. and then there's me noticing that I'm just pressing the down arrow button like mad.

10/10. not much to say. recommended to go on a blind playthrough and play it now.

by the way, side-rant, but I totally agree with this guy here. I'll put it in spoiler quotes

[quote]just finished fione and eris arcs. there's so much to talk about their punishments.

in fione's case she got a salary cut for... exposing corruption. this should send us readers a clear message. and that message being no good deeds go unpunished. this is the punishment she gets after doing a good job. never mind she lost her entire family. nope just do the same good job you've been doing and then you will get more.... punishments. and employers wonder why employees are only doing the bare minimum. gee I wonder why. this is what loyalty gets you guys. punishment. so never, and I mean, never do anything more than what is the minimum required in your job.

and if you think that's bad, eris's punishment is... technically way lesser than fione's. but here's the thing. I don't care even if she did a poor job or a great job or whatever. you NEVER punish doctors. because when you get sick and she's pissed at you.... the revenge is gonna be very very sweet. fuck you sieg. seriously fuck you. kill yourself. I was seriously scared off my ass when you decided to punish her. fuck you sieg. there's no middle finger big enough on your assholery. never mind if she lost all motivation to cure your gang group. never mind if she just left and find a better hospital somewhere. fuck you sieg. just fuck you.[/quote]
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#1 by komo-cakep
2023-12-01 at 03:00
< report >after finishing the true route, there's actually quite a lot to talk about. so spoilers.

I really wanted to reduce the score but its too unfair so I'll keep it

and before I talk about the "cringe" that happened before it, I should say it now: the true ending was never about any of the characters. so Caim can be out of character as he could be, or how cringe everything about it is. because its only at the ending that the VN dropped a very important hint and that is when the floating city finally went back to the ground. the hint? this whole time the VN is actually about Noah's Ark. yes, the biblical Noah's Ark. The ending where everyone finally left the Ark and... sinners once again ruling the lands.

Novus Aether = Noah's Ark. damn, that's a very sneaky.

the VN is just a preview of what will happen in the far future. that future where history is gonna repeat itself again as sinners rule the land. In that sense I agree with the first angel that he was wrong in opposing God when He said that humanity must perish. think of it yourself. why do you think the biblical great flood happened in the first place? Tia's sacrifice is in vain. just like the first angel did. and there will be more sacrifices until humanity finally accepts that it should perish because they are sinners. there will be an endless supply of Tia that are rebellious enough to jump straight into the sacrificial meat grinder, even in current year.

the title says it all. Eustia of tainted wings. in other words, a fallen angel.

as for the cringe... I really couldn't care. it's minuscule compared to the ending. sure I'll agree that it needs a rewrite. but when I ask myself how I'd rewrite that without ruining the ending, it's... hard. in the end lowering the score would be unfair.
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