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Review of Turning the Page

SubjectTurning the Page
Turning the Page [v0.18]
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HentaiXOtaku on 2023-11-29
Reviewv0.16.0 update

Will make sure to eventually update, full update in the future when it's finished development!

10/10 in all aspects, writing, art, pacing, music, slow-burn. Azienda: Turning the Page has satisfy my need for GREAT NTR games/media.

+Fairly mature, and realistic. Painful in good ways, lovable characters.
+Writing is really impactful, thorough, and makes you feel certain mixture of emotions. Being able to write out in such detailed fashion is an impressive skill. The way the characters feel are well received, the way little dialogues are setup and how it can be interpret differently if you pay attention.. The way the ideas a written into the story feels.... Believable, the different ways each POV protagonist feels doing things... It's just unbelievably good. Great job, Mint! A beautiful mind and intricate writer! In a way that I am impressed someone who could write out such amazing ideas and as detailed as in Turning the Page.
+The art is hard to forget, it's beautifully drawn. From Sprites to CG, it'll be hard to forget well drawn scenes, and the characters traits, such as Sophie's pointy hair that stick out at the sides of her head. The delicious amount of faces, Sophie's beautiful ahegao faces, her erotic stares... The way her eyes roll back... Shivers down my spine.. Compared to their past titles, this one shows most artistic improvement (not to say they aren't great in their own way), and still continue to improve. Your efforts paid off and they really show, Operae! Keep on striving for more success! You are what everyone inspire to be!
+The pacing, a nice, real, slow burn. The game builds up the two main lovable protagonists, Felix and Sophie very well. Their couple dynamic is very adorable... until someone else enters the picture and makes their life harder. It takes more than 6-8 updates for anything real to start moving, even then, it's nothing compared to the recent later updates... (0.11.0-0.16.0) As it continuously ramps up. Great planning and well thought out by Azienda!
+The music, a great selection, adds great mood and sets the tone for the game really well, it's sort of scary. Great use of songs in certain scenes that adds onto the feeling it is delivering. Really outstanding job, Furoshiki! Everything you do and plan out together with your team is fantastic, keep being the greatest and don't change/be corrupted by anything or anybody!
+The amount of CG, 57 NOT INCLUDING FELIX'S POV. And the duration of the game.... It's LONG, all the detailed and intriguing writing, pacing... CG... and so on.

-The only negative..... Is that the game is not well known enough or have much exposure, for its masterpiece of writing, art, and pacing... It's heavily underrated. There's not much discussion about it, it's got loads of writing that deserved to be consumed and ingrained in the readers head, to corrupt oneself. To enjoy and indulge in the taboo... the pleasures and thrill of an affair... Cheating on your most loved and trusted in life... Unbelievable! Seriously!

Final verdict: 10/10, maybe even more. A masterpiece is selling it short, this is a true work of art. True NTR. Same as their first two titles... Azienda never fails to deliver the GREATEST NETORARE OF ALL TIME!!!
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