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Review of Saimin Class Wonderful ~Joshi Zen'in, Shiranai Uchi ni Mata Ninshin Shitemashita~

SubjectSaimin Class Wonderful ~Joshi Zen'in, Shiranai Uchi ni Mata Ninshin Shitemashita~
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barfboy on 2023-11-29
ReviewA fantastic game but there are a few missteps that keep it from getting a better rating.

The good:

The girls are super cute, the art is great and the sex is fantastic with just enough animation for me to enjoy. My favorite characters are the elder twin sister and the Gyaru but every girl was amazing. I really like public sex, especially when it's used as a classroom aid. Nearly every single main heroine has a scene where she's expected to have sex in front of the class for their education. A couple of those scenes are loss of virginity in front of the whole class. One girl is even having a demonstration of impregnation and the teacher makes sure she's ovulating before the MC begins filling her up with sperm. That is a supermassive turn on from me.

The Bad:
The subtitle is a lie. "How did I get Pregnant?" Well, it was probably that time you fucked your boyfriend you stupid slut. There is not one, not a single route where he doesn't make the girl his girlfriend where he has sex with them before they realize they're pregnant. Any question for how they got could get pregnant is gone, the subtitle is a complete joke. Why is it even there? I honestly feel betrayed.

Several routes the girl isn't even pregnant! So what you're telling me is this impregnation game is not actually an impregnation game? The ONLY two routes where he's gotten a girl pregnant even has a time skip before you get a mention that they are pregnant or that they're now a mother. Even my favorite scene in the game, where he has to get a main heroine pregnant in class is never followed up on. The teacher even says "We tried our best to get heroine-chan pregnant today but only God knows if it was successful. Next time we meet we'll make sure she's pregnant" only there is no next time! He confesses to the heroine, they have sex, the game jumps ahead to them at their wedding. Did she get pregnant in class? Who knows? Nobody knows! Why build the game up as a hypnotism impregnation game and skip out on the impregnation?!?!?!

Who do I punch in the face for this?

I still really enjoyed this game. Like I said, the girls are super cute, the art is great and the sex is fantastic. My favorite heroines were the elder twin sister and the gyaru and they both had many great scenes.

7/10 but for the art and the sex.

Edit: Oh, before anyone gets confused, there is a harem ending where all the girls are pregnant. I can't unlock it (it's unlocked from the menu but mine is still grayed out). I can't unlock it even when using a guide. So that's why the pregnant tag is on all the girls. It's just too hard to unlock to make it into a review.
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#1 by jfrost2
2024-02-10 at 18:16
< report >can you give me the guide for harem ending? I'm still confused since I don't have guide for that
Thanks you before