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Review of Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita o Ayumu-

SubjectSakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita o Ayumu-
Sakura no Toki -Sakura no Mori no Shita o Ayumu- Download Edition
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Sreilant on 2023-11-29 last updated on 2023-12-02
ReviewJust finished both SakuUta and SakuToki back to back and damn. Even with the flaws that there's too many(I mean it) Philosophy stuff and nonsense spoken by Onda Housai this game still done well for me.

Chapter 1 is a great addition that explaining stuff from SakuUta and Shizuru is a great character.

Chapter 2 were done better in the Heroine Route since it's more touching.

The Best part for me is the connection of Chapter 3 Mizusu's Route and Chapter 4 are done so very well that i can't really say anything else but beautiful.

Chapter 3 Kibou is filled with too much H for me. but i love the drinking contest so much. Especially when Ai tried Spirytus and the cute voice like when Makoto sing the competition bgm. Finally end with proposal that done so smooth by Naoya.

Chapter 5 kinda confusing and chaotic to be honest, but it's getting better near the endend yet still confusing.

About the Epilogue...All i can say is... "PEAK".
In short, other than being too many random stuff SakuToki done very well and I love it but there's too many losing heroine that deserve better.

Sakurako deserve more love than what she received. She was shown at SakuUta epilogue looks like the new Main Heroine stuff and Naoya even told her his past. Yet she receive nothing in every route even in the Canon Route.

Natsuko was shown like another heroine but really got so little screentime. She was shown the best on Mizusu's Route for me. When Naoya drawing for Mizusu's brother, She was really a good character but then her existence is near zero.

Ruriwo and Suzuna...Well...might work but i think its better as is...

Nonomi also good as is. Her only existence is to support Nei and give Naoya information about Nei.

Nei is really good in Mizusu's Route. I love the idea of Nei becoming Mizusu's disciple and i find that their relationship is really cute (I mean it, not like Rina and Yuumi's kind of relationship).

Rina is a really good character and too bad She stick with Yuumi in this installment. She deserve to get Naoya's attention for me.

Rin and Shizuru is done right for me. Both of them already done their part a lot in SakuUta. They deserves some rest.

Reika could have her own route for me. Even with her personality, I think she's a good character and as supporting character she really done well.

And last but not least...Shizuru..
I freakin love Shizuru so much. She really deserve to be loved. Great Character, Personality, Voice, and the way she speak is just adorable.
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