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Review of To Love-Ru: Trial Trouble

SubjectTo Love-Ru: Trial Trouble
To Love-Ru: Trial Trouble - v2.00
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Vote: 5.8
marianokun on 2023-11-29
ReviewAs incredibly stupid as this one looks with those sudden artstyles changes every 10 frickin secs, it actually manages to keep the story amusing even to non-To love ru fans like myself. There's a bunch of bugs and stuff in general that ninjagrass (a name you're remined of every other h scene background) did kinda wrong: like the asinine bad endings or Sairenji's drama involving her sudden disappearance and failure to respond to Rito's calls, all due to father's death, which for some reason takes her from utter grief to "oh, I'm a bad girl, punish me, Rito" and proceed to have butt sex in a matter of secs - WTF?

Anyway, dumb lil fanfic with some level of satisfaction particularly for those hardcore fans of the series.
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