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Review of Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou

SubjectMonmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou
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MystyMagic96 on 2023-12-02
ReviewLeaving aside whether or not this title belongs here. I will be stating my opinion on the game.
Monster Girl Quest Paradox part 1 is the start of a bit of a gamble the creators decided to go with using the RPG Maker engine. (But it was a pretty fucking good one. Personally, i highly recommend it.)

That is, because not only is the story pretty much a rewrite and a sequel of the original trilogy, albeit a much more insane one. But now we have the good old issues coming with the engine itself.
Such as the difficulty in having to do with tons of skills, characters, items, equipment... (altough it has been mitigated fairly well.) And let's not forget the performance issues in lower-end PC's; AND the fact that not until too long ago you could only play on windowed mode if you did not want the serious issues arising from forcing fullscreen using alt-enter.
Thankfully the latest version has a patch for different screen sizes you can sort through using like f5 or f6 on the keyboard, i don't remember exactly but the issue is pretty much solved. When dealing with RPG Maker games i recommend using tools such as sizer and ResizeEnable. One forces windows to be manually resized. And the other you can use to change a window's resolution into any you want. If you have Windows 10 and over, you can use Magpie upscaler, or at least i heard. May sound ironic but this game does have some pretty mid-tier modern PC requirements. Blame the engine for it.

Going over the story would be utter insanity so i will only be describing how the game is and all that.

You start the game as Luka, The great hero Luka, while living in his village. He was the protagonist in the vn trilogy and he still is it seems, and yes, this time we start in Iliasville once again.

Not much said but this is all i will be saying about character specifics and the game's world and will instead be going over the more mechanical aspects of the game such as it's features.

The game is explored in a RPG Maker fashion. The more you progress the story, the more characters you will be able to have in your team at once. From what it seems each character in the game, even minor ones, will every once in a while be commenting during your adventures which is a detail i really loved. As the amount of content this game has is pretty darn massive with each chapter. (1-3).

The amount of enemies that will be... Monster girls or at least 99% are. Will be constantly found throughout your adventures and the amount of you can find is astonishing. All created by a few different artists all credited in our lovely monsterpedia or whatever it is called. Yes it comes back and it's even more complex than how it was in the trilogy. Each monster girl can not only be recruited, but even talked with during combat, with it's own effects and results during the battle; such as them gifting you items or information.

There is more i could say related to companions, monster girls and all around anything related to recruited teammates. But it is best you find out by yourself, as what you can do is pretty cool, and yes you can indeed to tons of *THAT* too... And trust me when i say there is a whole LOT of it. But it's not all there is to it. Indeed there's more to a good relationship such as the giving of gifts. Because yes, you can do that too.

The game does have some solid RPG elements, such as different dialogue options, choices during the story, who does/doesn't follow you during your adventure, And how they actually help you in combat.
Each character can be heavily customized in skills, class, race, equipment, and probably other stuff i don't remember as of now. Trust me when i say how satisying it is to have a character you had recruited at the beginning, becoming a literal expert at combat and a monster at the end of chapter 2. Because yes, the thing about the game is that it is so long you can keep any character from the beginning throughout all the 100+ hours throughout the chapters. The class system is fairly well fleshed-out. And it's not like he creators forgot to add dialogue for each character either. So it's all good stuff for any harcore RPG fan.

Each chapter as can be imagined is quite long, and will take tens of hours. For me, finishing both available ones took more than a hundred hours as i'm a bit of a perfectionist. So the only issue is that to experience the game you need much and i mean much time in peace.

This game is all around highly satisying in it's RPG and adult elements. And story wise it has been taken fairly carefully and seriously by the developers. So it is an absolute reccomendation from me.
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#1 by nirvaren
2023-12-02 at 01:46
< report >I only glanced at one of the discussion threads, but isn't it more of a sequel like the new FFVII "remakes"? Is it fine to have not played the originals?
#2 by MystyMagic96
2023-12-02 at 03:19
< report >Apologies for not answering earlier.
Unfortunately, i do not have much experience with the vn trilogy as i have only played around half of the first part; But from what i've seen it's partially Paradox's story only without the insane plot-related stuff i won't be spoiling here.

So you could say that the vn is much more "grounded" and basic compared to Paradox. In my opinion, it is most definitely alright to not have played the originals first. But once you finish Paradox (that is the first two available parts as of 2023) the originals will be much less interesting or at least that's what i felt.Last modified on 2023-12-02 at 03:20
#3 by nirvaren
2023-12-02 at 03:29
< report >I see, thanks for the response.
#4 by desann
2023-12-02 at 10:17
< report >It's definitely sequels to original trilogy (dunno about FF comparation, never played those) and designed to be played after original, so it's better to play Paradox after VN trilogy, otherwise you won't understand a lot of plot points (especially if you choose Ilias in the beginning).Last modified on 2023-12-02 at 10:28
#5 by kaminoslayer
2023-12-02 at 10:39
< report >@2 First of all, this game is pretty much a direct sequel to the trilogy and "insane plot related stuff" is for the most part from the third part of the trilogy. Paradox is more of an RPG than a visual novel, it barely qualifies to be on this site, mostly for the H-scenes. The problem with Paradox is that it barely has any characterization, as it assumes that most players had already played the trilogy. Luka was a complex and interesting character in the original, here he became a typical silent JRPG protagonist, which is one of the only few things I didn't like in the game.

Only the first game in the series can be called "basic" (though it has a cool ending), the story becomes actually pretty damn good in the second and amazing in the third, which should be obvious from the difference in the ratings between the parts. Paradox has S-tier gameplay, but even the second part didn't top the trilogy just yet, though Paradox the third should probably exceed it.Last modified on 2023-12-02 at 10:41
#6 by MystyMagic96
2023-12-02 at 14:15
< report >@5 Thanks for the clarification. I am planning to continue the original trilogy this August, and considering what you explained there's going to be much to be seen.
#7 by MystyMagic96
2023-12-02 at 14:18
< report >As you can imagine i played Paradox first so i'm glad to know there will be more from the vn.Last modified on 2023-12-02 at 14:19
#8 by nirvaren
2023-12-02 at 19:28
< report >Hmm, might give the originals a shot then. Also to clarify about the FFVII comparison, I've played the original but not the remake(s). From what I've heard, they start off following the original FFVII's plot but then strays to becoming focused on the timeline being altered/interfered with or something like that. So you'd end up wanting to play the original first even though on paper it's a remake.Last modified on 2023-12-02 at 19:32
#9 by kaminoslayer
2023-12-03 at 04:13
< report >@8 I guess the creators of FVII Remake were inspired by MGQ Parardox. xDDD
It's kind of a joke, but I wouldn't actually be surprised if this turned out to be true.