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Review of A Promise Best Left Unkept

SubjectA Promise Best Left Unkept
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Redninja32 on 2023-12-02
ReviewLong story short, I've played a lot of NTR games and porn games in general. This game, has one of the highest production qualities I've ever seen in a porn game. Damn near every scene is animated with sound effects and voiced sex sfx from actual voice actors. The art from all the artists is amazing and the scenarios are hot. I also really like that its not just your typical: bull has big dick and heroine falls in love with it. All the characters have their own shit going on that is exploited by the bull in a really satisfying way and the character motivations are super interesing.
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#1 by terumi
2023-12-31 at 04:12
< report >Is this an AI CG? It's CG quality and artist seems inconsistent. They are changing from time to time especially for HCG
#2 by Redninja32
2024-01-08 at 18:34
< report >No, the author isn't an artist and he commissons multiple artists for their work. It might take some getting used to but all of the art is really good.