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Review of Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation-

SubjectShuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation-
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haruny on 2023-12-03
ReviewFirst of all, before I talk about the plot or the characters, I just wanted to say that I think Virche's strongest points were definitely the BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS artstyle, and the amazing and emotional soundtrack.
I had zero complaints about the art (yes, even the... gruesome and violent ones lols) and srsly I think Virche wouldn't be as popular if it didn't have Yomi as the artist hahah.
As for the soundtrack, normally when I play otomes the music can become repetitive after a while, but I never felt it with this game's OST. All songs were so emotionally strong that it enhanced the despair and sadness that many scenes wanted to convey, it really helped set that atmosphere and I sometimes found myself not advancing some dialogues in order to keep on listening to the music :')

Now, for the overall plot, I do have some gripes and complaints here and there, especially in Le Salut where there was just too much text dump and infomation shoved down our throats that it sometimes kept me from enjoying it to the fullest. I mean, I knew Virche was supposed to be very dark and gruesome, but sometimes when I thought things couldn't get any worse, it was like the writers just went like HAHAHAHA SURPRISE MF YOU THOUGHT- and I was just going like "wtf is happening?" 90% of the time lols It was hard to absorb some stuff but overall I think Virche did a good job at portraying that despair and heartwrenching love. I was never a fan of playing bad endings in otome games, but I may have ended up changing my mind after playing Virche, cuz while some bad endings were horrible, it also felt good somehow??? I think I ended up liking and enjoying seeing the love interests falling into despair, this game just made me become warped someone send help.
Btw, I also quite enjoyed how everything happening in the plot were explained by science instead of relying on some mystical explanation or unnatural beings. I mean, I guess time traveling and cloning are still classified as fantasy but I liked that there were scientific reasons (as far fetched as they could be lols) for everything, it felt more creative somehow.

As for the love interests, I think my rank goes: Scien > Ankou > Mathis >> Adolphe > Yves >>>> Lucas.

- Scien: good fucking lord I love this mad scientist's hot and flat ass so freaking much. I think his route was the most romantic out of all the routes, and I quite enjoyed seeing his dynamics with Ceres. He may be a more logical and kinda detached character, and can also be a bit blunt, but I never saw him as selfish nor unkind. On the contrary, I felt his subtle kindness in the way he treated Ceres and everyone else during other routes, he was also always the one to save everyone's asses lols which in turn made me love him even more! I have literally zero complaints about his route and him as a character, and his salvation ending just made MELT 🥵🥵🥵 Good lord, I need more of this mf hot guy in my life.

- Ankou: MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY THAT DESERVED BETTER. I got super shocked when I found out that he was Adolphe that went time traveling, but then it all made sense since they both shared a route. But my biggest gripe was that he DIED like dude you can't just make him suffer for hundreds of years and not let him have some well deserved romance scenes with Ceres, it felt so freaking unfair. His voice acting was simply SUPERB and while most scenes in Virche didn't make me sad, the only scenes that made me cry a bit were his, because his seiyuu did a fantastic freaking job at portraying that heartwreching sadness and melancholy. But overall I think he got robbed and deserved a better ending, but alas I hope the fandisk did him a better justice. On a side note, nobody can convince me that his route and character weren't inspired by Ukyo from Amnesia, considering how he went through so much suffering and despair all in the hopes of seeing the MC happy again, all at the expense of his own sanity and even if she ended up with someone else. This is also one of the reasons why I loved Ankou so much since Ukyo was my favorite LI in that game hahah.

- Mathis: sweet little precious bean that should be protected at all times omg :((( His route felt like the second most romantic right after Scien's imo. I loved seeing the slow burn in his relationship with Ceres and I could see why they would fall for each other. I was infatuated with Jean for a while during the start of the game so imagine my shock when I found out he was a psycho and Mathis' torturer lols He could just be jailed or killed off for all I care but anyways. Oh, and Mathis' voice was the second most I enjoyed after Ankou's too, his voice was just too cute and endearing ;w; And his seiyuu did a fantastic job at portraying different personalities.

- Adolphe: I know he is not really loved by the fandom overall (at least from what I saw), and while I do have a lot of complaints for his relationship with Ceres, I liked how he was portrayed realistically, as in he was very imperfect and helpless, which in turn made him feel relatable somehow? I could understand why Ceres and him would fall for each other, but since I am a big Ankou simp I was kinda feeling unfair that Adolphe got all the credits while Ankou got shoved in the sidelines lols So I guess Adolphe didn't really captivate me. He wasn't bad, but I didn't feel particularly fond of him either, cuz I think Ankou stole the spotlight for me lols.

- Yves: ah yes, he became the typical "I love him in everyone else's routes besides his own" LI for me. I think my biggest gripe with him is that he was portrayed as too... perfect and "knight in a shining armor" persona, which in turn made him feel too unrealistic to me. Also him getting hated and shunned by other people just because of his face's scar didn't really feel realistic either cuz ITS NOT EVEN THAT BAD LOLS He was still so beautiful. It would made more sense if his character design was at least drawn a bit uglier or creepier. And asides from that, I totally shipped him and thought he had a much better chemistry with Hugo than he did with Ceres lols And nobody can convince me otherwise that if Hugo didn't die in his route and he did confess to Yves, then Yves would have chosen Hugo instead of Ceres, DONT CHANGE MY MIND.

- Lucas: sorry for his fans, but I really can't stand Hirakawa Daisuke's voice lols (maybe the only case where I enjoyed this seiyuu was in Cinderella's route in Taisho Alice). But good lord his voice felt too forced for my liking. And I also couldn't really stomach all the mass murdering going on in his route. The way the writers also kinda wanted to justify his actions by portraying him as someone getting drugged didn't sit well with me either cuz most of the time Lucas looked as if he knew what he was doing was wrong but still did it anyways cuz he just willingly chose to close his eyes and pray he did the right choice by trusting that pedo freak Capucine to cure his sister. Overall, all things he did just seemed way too unredeemable for me that I just couldn't understand why Ceres even wanted to continue loving him lols. Oh and I blame Toma from Amnesia for popularizing the freaking LETS CAGE THE MC FOR THE SAKE OF IT scenes lmaooo it was so bizarre and out of place that I just burst out laughing. It's like the writers can't write a yandere without it's mandatory cage scenes 😭.
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