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Review of Remember11 -the age of infinity-

SubjectRemember11 -the age of infinity-
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Vote: 8.4
kaminoslayer on 2023-12-03
ReviewCould've been a kamige no worse than Ever17, but unfortunately the game really feels unfinished and lacks emotional punch. Which is such a waste, considering how many re-releases the game had, and that it totally could've received an expanded version. I actually liked RootDouble (a game that is, in a way, a successor to the Infinity series) more, which had the opposite issue of over-explaining everything and dragging out the conclusion.
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#1 by badspot
2023-12-03 at 16:05
< report >Chances of Remember11 receiving a 'full remake' with the third chapter are low. Both main authors, as well as the main producer, already agree that the game is 'more' interesting this way. Not to mention that we have recently found out that, even with the script that they had for the third chapter, is fully unusable because the game ended at Satoru's chapter. Also I'm few of people who thinks that Remember11, even without the third chapter, just fully beats Ever17 because its plot twists are far better than Ever17 ones. At least in my own opinion.
#2 by kaminoslayer
2023-12-05 at 17:26
< report >@1 The greatness of Ever17 isn't just the plot twists, but also the emotional impact and the relationships between the characters, how all of them are connected to each other and bound by "love" one way or another. Something even great games often lack.Last modified on 2023-12-05 at 17:26
#3 by badspot
2023-12-05 at 18:53
< report >Eh I guess that makes sense? But expecting Remember11 to have something similar to Ever17 makes no sense because it's written to be antithesis of Ever17. In E17, you the player, are loved by the characters in-game but in Remember11 they hate you hence why Satoru comes up with Yukidoh Plan. (Ever17/Remember11). I can understand not liking the game for that because it's not for everyone but expecting it to be Ever17 2 is just wrong.Last modified on 2023-12-05 at 18:55
#4 by kaminoslayer
2023-12-05 at 19:49
< report >@3 You should re-read my message and my review, lol. I pointed out the strong points of Ever17, not complained about them being different with R11.