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Review of Cocoro@Function!

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nirvaren on 2023-12-03
ReviewWhile I didn't have high expectations in the first place, Cocoro@Function! disappointed me in comparison to its potential, to the point I dropped it. The prologue was a great introduction to the world and had some emotional impact, but early on it's basically played off as a joke / the heroine was pretending. How the special app functions is inconsistent, especially later on. When they're introducing the protagonist's level 2 app function, it activates very easily (like his level 1 usually does). After the introduction of the level 2 version, it almost never triggers unless it's plot significant. I was hoping they'd use it for a lot more comedy.

I only got partway into Hijiri's route before I ended up dropping the vn, though her route might just be particularly bad. For one, she claims something that just isn't true, but the story acts like it is. She says some romantic line about how she was always there for the protagonist, even if nobody else was. This is patently false, as when he first starts spouting his ero thoughts out loud she gets angry at him, says she's going to delete his contact info, and then says to never touch/speak to her again, and to avoid her as much as possible. This is a clear contradiction to me, as if the author wasn't paying attention to their own story. The other issue I had with her route was that she went from being extremely embarrassed about minorly ero things (for an eroge), to as soon as the confession occurs she IMMEDIATELY goes okay, lets have sex right now, without being embarrassed almost at all. Jumping straight to the sex scene from a confession is hard to do well, and I don't think it was here.

A HUGE issue I had, that a lot of vns have I suppose, is that the best girl Chie (the vice president) has clear romantic interest in the protagonist and plenty of interactions, but doesn't have a route. She has one in the fandisc Cocoro@Function! NEO but she deserved to be a main heroine.

A frustrating part of the experience was that there's a lot of choices early on, then almost none till you get to a route. So if you realize you're on the wrong route, you have to skip back through the whole game again to redo your choices. It ended up being one minor choice of mine that put me on a route I didn't want.

While I said a lot of negative things, there are some positives. Most of the scenes where the protagonist's ero thoughts are transmitted to others are pretty funny. All of the heroines are likable to some extent. The setting is decently fleshed out.

I'll probably finish this someday, if so I'll update the review then.
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