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Review of Aiyoku no Eustia

SubjectAiyoku no Eustia
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smollsauce on 2023-12-05 last updated on 2023-12-22
ReviewI felt like I was obligated to write a review based on how much I enjoyed reading this. Caim is very much a no-nonsense character but is much kinder than he lets on despite living through the rough conditions down at the bottom. You can certainly see the change in his personality as the story progresses - for better or for worse. The route and story is structured like G-Senjou no Maou so I highly suggest playing it in this order: Fione, Eris, Collette, Lavie, Licia, Tia. I really enjoyed getting close to the heroines and going through the story slowly learning more and more about the mysterious Novus Aether - the storywriting really does stand leagues above almost everything I've read with its ability to draw my attention and keep me wanting to read more and more.
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