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Review of Aoi Sora no Camus

SubjectAoi Sora no Camus
Aoi Sora no Camus - Download Edition
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vario on 2023-12-06
ReviewAoi Sora no Camus is a short game in our favorite genre of comfy semi-horrors that keep referencing philosophers and Miyazawa Kenji.

Two girls are going home and fall asleep in the train. But when they wake up, there is no one else around.

To be honest, the story is far from being the strongest part here. Some lines and developments are kinda silly, and most of the horror scenes fail to make you feel any suspense.

The game shines the most when it's just a journey of two friends in the empty unknown world. There is a lot of comfy scenes and conversations that let you feel the strength of their friendship, and the lack of focus on romance also makes their relationship look fresh.

Add to that some great BGM and a high density of beautiful CGs. The writer of the game is also its artist, so it's pretty much a passion project of a single person, and you can see that. They went all in.

As a result, the atmosphere is amazing, and it carries the game a lot. The story often discusses luck and happiness, and we're sure lucky and happy to experience projects like this. It isn't the next big hit, but I always appreciate it when I feel the creator behind their work.

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