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Review of Corona Blossom

SubjectCorona Blossom
ByVote: 2irehi on 2020-10-23
ReviewI maybe be bias but I want to share my opinion on this.

I will start with the only positive thing, the art is really REALLY good and ... that's it.

The plot start really promising presenting you with interesting characters and situations and you start wondering how the routes will play out, but there is one problem this is novel is divided by volumes ... So, no choices and only one ending.

This story could be told with half the characters and maybe two volumes, most of the characters are there just to make H scenes of them.

Oh the H scenes ... Oh dear. Don't get me wrong they are good but you can only can access them from the main menu and they are not canon, you are basically reading porn fanfiction of the original novel and you need to pay extra for it on top of what you already paid ... 3 times.

I don't have any idea why Frontwing needed to crowfund this and wanted us to pay them 6 times after that and only took them like 8 months to do all this. Were they really in need of crowfunding money?

TL;DR The best thing about this is the art and H scenes and they are locked behind a pay wall you need to purcharse on each volume and the scenes are not even canon, because of the episodic format the story is wasted potential, boring and predictable without branching paths.

2/10 I made an account 4 years ago just to vote this.


#1 by schlaefer
2020-10-24 at 20:03
< report >Reading Vol.1 was like reading the prologue to a normal game. I was seriously surprised when I realized it was actually the end.
I don't think episodic stories are necessarily bad, but if you are left hanging after the appetizer you are bound to get a little disgruntled. Maybe that impression would change if you read all parts after another. But IMHO the whole story was missing depth or focus. Possibly due to the lack of routes or the presentation as three volumes.
#2 by forever-here
2020-10-24 at 20:22
< report >9 was episodic and I don't see people complaining. so yeah it has to be the premise/presentation or, you know, just how moeblob of a VN this is.
#3 by behappyeveryday
2020-10-25 at 15:57
< report >@2 Even though 9 is episodic, each episode is as long as a full-fledged game, so it doesn't really counts.