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Review of Kyonyuu Fantasy

SubjectKyonyuu Fantasy
Kyonyuu Fantasy
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RoyMustang264 on 2024-02-11
ReviewSurprisingly gripping story for a nukige. Saw the OVA and had to read this. Many good heroines or side characters with a couple of not very good ones. The plot is not particularly complex, but at least the true ending is very good. Court politics, war, treason, all good stuff.

The annoying part is that events change in some routes for no reason, not because of our choice, such as who becomes a villain in Shamsiel's route, this one in particular might even be a plot hole. Best girl Gladys has no route, and second best girl Isis has her own decent route, but in the true ending she seems to fall for us only after we become rich and powerful and highly respected which I didn't really like. Despite these downsides and some others, this VN is an exceptionally enjoyable time.
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#1 by Rolex
2024-02-14 at 06:00
< report >Glad to hear from another Gladys and Isis enjoyer.
#2 by Omikron
2024-02-14 at 11:39
< report >Same!