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Review of Kyonyuu Fantasy 2

SubjectKyonyuu Fantasy 2
Funbag Fantasy 2
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Vote: 8.5
RoyMustang264 on 2024-02-11
ReviewA prequel that is almost the same as the original, including following almost the same story and character beats. The new heroines are distinct and interesting enough, the story retains its ability to create great tension and excitement. If you liked KF1, you'll like this too, but do start with KF1.

Downsides: the same as KF1 as well, such as having one excuse for a "route" for a lacklustre heroine, and I am once again annoyed by the fact that events change for no reason based on routes. The "elven route" sees certain events unfold that are terribly important, but don't happen in the true route for no reason at all; and in the true end, Elicia is like Isis in KF1, only seeming to fall for us because everyone else already has. These didn't hinder my enjoyment though.
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