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Review of Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 if

SubjectKyonyuu Fantasy 3 if
Funbag Fantasy 3if
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RoyMustang264 on 2024-02-11
ReviewLess great in comparison to the previous entries, but still very decent. Our MC's role as a god of titjobs results in a very high number of girls, which in turn leads to each of them receiving less development. Decent pastime if you like the series, but I'd strongly suggest playing KF1 with Gaiden and especially Gaiden 2 before getting into KF3.

Most of the heroines are not as interesting as those of the previous games, but one of the side routes (Ajura, if you read the VN you knew I'd pick this one) kinda ends up being better than the true route. Some plot holes unfortunately occur between routes too. The BGM in this one has some killer tracks worth listening to though.
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