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Review of Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai

SubjectWaka-sama no Zasuru Sekai
Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai - Download Edition
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askdeo on 2024-02-11
ReviewWell. what can I say about this game Lets start with that I can divide this game into parts. The first one is your everyday life with Waka and after a short period of time with Ruruha as well. I mean stuff happens but nothing biggie to disturb your romcom with two ancient goddess. I mean there are some bad ending but it's more like "Oops you're dead, try again" and you need to try them cause you need to collect all seals. I didn't like that side characters don't have a separate route, some of them have just 1 h-scene and that's it. That's kind of disappointing. But yeah the plot is linear the is nothing you can do. But still I would say that writing is good and Waka is likable. So the first part I liked. The second part is where all the convoluted stuff starting to happen. Like MC has a child with Ruruha and this child is actually himself. Or like our world is only a reflection in the mirror world. And there are lots of Japanese myths and legends you need to google to understand if you don't know it yet.
In the end I wanted side characters have their routes or at least endings, especially Fujiko I expected some explanations of her story at least. But well , what we have is basically two Ruruha endings, both are quite good like Ruruha and MC got together made kids and happily ever after. And we got 1 Waka ending basically the same happily ever after except that we got through all the story and now we know all the secrets.
Verdict: the second part was so-so it would've been better if the stick to the romcom-like settings like the first part. And yeah the game is worth it if you like Waka and maybe Ruruha. But Waka is still gest the most screen time so yeah. If you don't like you'll get bored pretty quickly.
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