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Review of Muv-Luv Alternative

SubjectMuv-Luv Alternative
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emoasyou on 2024-02-12
ReviewI truly am blown away by how good this was, I truly loved MUV LUV and was truly happy with Extra and Unlimited but Alternative was a true conclusion and one of the highest quality where everything that came before as a true and reasonable explanation, I figured out most of the story beats but it didn't mean the story had any less of an impact. This is because it was wrote in impeccable fashion and truly blew me away with how powerful the scenes in it where. Only Fate/Stay Night effected me like this before now so this is my second favorite visual novel. This story hits you so damn hard and just as you pick yourself off the floor your hit just as hard again. Thats because of an impeccable story and just as impeccable characters. Sumika is up there with Sakura from Fate/Stay Night as my favorite heroins, Meiya is incredible too. Sakaki and Ayamine are fantastic as well. I love the back and fourth between them and how they grew throughout. Tama is an adorable character and I loved her in this too. Mikoto im not the biggest fan of but She has her moments. Kasumi is such a deep character too one of my favorites in the whole visual novel alongside Kukko Sensei and Marimo chan too not a single character here that I do not love in some way. Captain Isumi and 1st Lietenant Hayase and 1st Lietenant Suzimiya are 3 fantastic characters too and I truly loved them both and they have incredible storie archs. My favorite supporting character here though is the Shogun. This is quite a kinetic visual novel and as a result some of the choices don't change much but the story is so good thats not an hinderance at all. This visual novel above all else is a story of humanity and its survival spirt as well as differen't ideologies and different beleifs and how having the same goal but different beleifs on how to get there can cause difficuilties. Politics and religion are both at the forefront off this story. While giving a detailed and beleivable story of a science fiction element. I truly loved this visual novel and im so happy I was able to expericence it amazing. 10/10
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