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Review of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

SubjectHoshi Ori Yume Mirai
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Alpharius-02 on 2024-02-12
- Nice art, sprites, and CGs
- Tons of H-scenes, if you enjoy vanilla stuff it's a big plus
- Reliable protagonist. He's not the typical dense, unpopular, and awkward MC
- Cozy, heartwarming Slice of Life story sprinkled with Romance and a bit of comedy
- Heroines are interesting, nothing exceptional but at least they don't feel like caricatures of heroine archetypes

- Uninteresting side-characters
- Main cast is basically a Pseudo Harem for the Protagonist
- Tons of H-scenes, if you're not into that stuff beware; there's a lot of that in this VN
- Virtually no drama or points of conflict, it really is just some high schoolers living out their daily lives with some romance mixed in.
- Forgettable Protagonist. His main shtick is that he likes Architecture, and that's the only thing of note about him. He's not dense, perverted, or unlikeable but he isn't charismatic or a genius. Basically an average guy.
- There's a lot of exposition on some boring stuff, often not even related to the main plot or Romance between characters; it's Slice of Life mixed with some technical stuff on various fields of interest.

A must-read for any slice of life fan. If you don't like that genre avoid this like the plague.

I gave it a 6/10, so it's decent. Though to be honest I could have given it a 7 at most considering the pretty visuals of the VN. It's nice to read if you just wanna shut your brain off and read about some slice of life stuff with fluffy romance.
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